COTESTI VINEYARD – The flavor of tradition

The land of grapery and wine

The Cotesti vineyard is as famous as the rest of the vineyards in Vrancea. With a history of over 600 years, it is a totally Wallachian vineyard. The Cotesti vineyard is made up of the villages of Pharaoh, Cîrligele, Budesti, Cotesti, Urecheşti, Popeşti and Tamboieşti, with a surface area of ​​about 12,000 hectares.
The geological composition of the soil consists of peat and gravel layers which form aerated soils favorable to the development of the vine. The soil has a red-brown color. During the day he absorbs the heat of the sun rays that he gives during the night. This property of the soil, makes the vineyard in this area to present outstanding qualities.


The Curvature Carpets form a natural shelter, the straight and wide slopes with a southern exposure have a large cold air outlet.

All these natural conditions, in which the vine grows in these lands, make the Fetească Neagră, Merlot, Fetească Albă, Muscat Ottonel, Sauvignon Blanc varieties to show unpredictable properties.
The processing of grapes and the preparation of wines is carried out by experienced viticulturists, offering consumers the opportunity to purchase high quality wines.